Customer Support



Q: What age are your tents appropriate for?
A: We recommend the child to be at least 3 years old to play with our tents. Younger children may not understand that the tents are collapsible and may use them as support when getting up and may get hurt in the process. Also younger children do not understand that they will need to lift their feet over the front entrance in some of our tents and may trip over it.

Q:  How do you assemble and fold the tents?
A:  We have a video demonstration on how to fold the tent on each of the product pages.

Q: Why does the wire curve awkwardly inward and does not pop out?
A: All of our tents are assembled and inspected before they are folded into the carry bag for shipping. The wire may have twisted.  To get the wire back to its original position, simply pull the wire out in a quick motion.  You may repeat this a few times until the wire pops out correctly.

Q: What is the best way to store the tent?
A: If the tent is not in use, it is best to flatten the tent and tuck it under the bed or lean it again the wall out of the way. Otherwise, the tent can be folded back into its original bag by following the folding instructions. 

Q: Can the tent be left outdoors?
A: Although our tents are suitable for outdoor use, we recommend that you do not leave it outdoors for an extended period of time as the sun may cause the colors to fade on the tent.

Q: Are tools required to set up the tents?
A: No tools are required to set up our tents.  Most of the tents are popup-style tents, which means you simply pull out all the sides of the tent. Some of our tents come with supporting rods that you install inside the tent to hold the tent up.

Q: Do the tents come with colored pit balls?
A: No, the balls will have to be purchased separately. Unfortunately at this time, we do not carry the balls.

Q: Which tents are good for pit balls?
A: Any tent that has a raised entrance is good for pit balls because it will keep the balls from rolling out.